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Inferno ~ Franz Von Bayros

Bland tysta kullar och dystra slätter - V "Ett stilla dunkelt minne,där stå vid slättens rand,En sten av åldrigt sinne,upprest av sorgsen hand.”
© Heathen Harnow - please do not remove credit

Night of the Thespiades, composition study, 2014
Charcoal and chalk on paper, 23 x 21 cm




I figured it was time to do another little giveaway! This is a tiny one but hey, free dead stuff! Can’t go wrong there! :)

Up for grabs are a cool old set of young cow jawbones. I’ll also toss in some badger fur scraps and loose fur, wolverine loose fur, rabbit loose fur, and any other odds and ends I come across before the giveaway ends.


• US Residents only! I’m sorry, international friends, but the United States has strict rules about shipping animal parts internationally. And if the winner happens to be in CA then I’ll have to leave out the wolverine bits.

• Be following me (since this is a follower appreciation giveaway after all).

• Like or Reblog this post as many times as you want.

• And as per Tumblr’s giveaway rules you must be 18 or older to enter (or have a parent/guardian act in your stead). Also per their rules I must state that this giveaway is in no way affiliated with Tumblr.

That’s it! I’ll contact the winner on March 15th!

I will be paying the shipping costs so the winner need not worry about that.

Thanks everyone! Good luck!

Couple more days left! I’ve found a few other random goodies that will be included too! :)


Mushroom by vic xia on Flickr.


Finally at last I have gathered enough stuff for a giveaway.

I had actually ment to do a give away at 200 followers but time slipped and i was already to late to do anything about it so here it is finally with no further delay

Dead stuff!!!!

  1. black and red highlight horse tail
  2. black dyed red fox
  3. peacock tail feathers
  4. red coyote back half ( will need re-hydrating to dry how want)
  5. Black coyote back half
  6. white mark fox paw( need wet to get claws)
  7. amber fox paw
  8. arctic fox paw
  9. pheasant foot
  10. black coyote scraps
  11. bunny back half
  12. peacock dried wing
  13. Horse tail
  14. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  15. Wolf paw **
  16. 2 black coyote paws with extra white
  17. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  18. Wolf claw**
  19. Musk Ox hide piece



  1. Must be following me.
  2. US residence only please, sorry Euro, I’ll have something more friendly for yall next time.
  3. 18 years or older to apply, or with a legal guardian
  4. must have your ask box open in order for me to contact you
  5. Likes and Reblogs do count!- please no spamming your fellow followers.
  6. If the winner is in California or New York, those pieces with ** will be substituted with the parts in the ~~~~  parts. (( sorry, laws))
  7. for those who aren’t, you get to pick which ones you would prefer.
  • Give away ends March 26th, 2014 at 6:00PM Central

( shipping has been paid for)
( message me at CreatureUndertaker, or CreatureUndertakerTaxidermy, if you have any questions)